Idk if this is considered a battle station but…it is my dream setup

And there is a set order with those priorities to line up your utilities and shrouds. Having a priority setup doesn't change the fact that reaper does have a rotation with a set opener and timings to continue to line up those openers for every burst window. If you drift off that rotation then you lose your burst windows with the other raid buffs. Anon for this * December 8, 2021 at 12:22 am. The employee for LW 2 sounds so frustrating! Especially since this is a digital media company, I could see printing out materials to review if the materials are intended to be printed such as pamphlets, there’s a need to make sure everything looks just as good on paper as on screen, but when the clients expect digital products from the outset ... There was some interesting bug with Delirum. I have sometimes been lucky in the battle against him. Sometimes, when he turned into a worm, I managed to take away about 80-90% of his health with one projectile, I had no idea why this was happening until I read on one of the forums that this was a kind of bug.

2022.01.22 21:25 Zanesam Idk if this is considered a battle station but…it is my dream setup

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2022.01.22 21:25 scattershot33

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2022.01.22 21:25 Worldly_Dragonfly_24 Whos trying to help me trade? I only have a couple modded cars but they’re clean! psn is RuntzIsKing

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2022.01.22 21:25 BakMask2401 RIP

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2022.01.22 21:25 bosleyj3 Recent Blackstone heroes finished (still need to finish bases)

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2022.01.22 21:25 Beloved_Brat Hiring animator for NSFW cartoon

Looking for an artist (or artists) to create a short NSFW M/M cartoon around 3-5 minutes long. This will be a very big project since I would like it in full coloshading. I require seeing the storyboards, and rough sketches so that I can approve of every position.
I will be reviewing portfolios and hiring someone to start in May.
If you're interested, please send me your portfolio and links to your tumbltwitter etc so that I can verify your art style. There are a lot of scammers, and I'm trying to weed them out. Please quote me an estimate of what you would charge for this (hourly, price-per-frame, or as a lump payment) for example: $20/hour or $20 a frame or $3500 for the project. In the case of a lump payment, I will require proof of identity and a contract to be signed to avoid being scammed.
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2022.01.22 21:25 Burst6000 [fs] marxism dvn backzip bomber medium-$160 roolrren flared pants size medium-$60

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2022.01.22 21:25 Not_Delirious Help!

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2022.01.22 21:25 Koviljacha Salty Saliva

Oi guys. I just had salty saliva coming to my mouth, and I was like half passing out (feeling weak). This used to happen before, and usually after I smoke a joint but it had happened couple of times before in everyday situations, I am suspicious of liver. You guys got any thoughts, much appreciated.
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2022.01.22 21:25 10212023 HKS TOYOTA SUPRA A90

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2022.01.22 21:25 SuccessfulArugula666 This is the best time to quit your job

I just quit my job right before the new year. I have never done anything like that before, I’ve always given two weeks notice minimum but my job has just gone to the absolute shitter the last two months. My direct supervisor is the micromanager from hell and is directly responsible for the high turnover they’ve been experiencing recently. I’m over worked, over stressed, underpaid. I found out the guy that was hired two days before me for the same position made $3/hour more than I did and that wasn’t even the last straw. I physically couldn’t bring myself to go into work another day when I was so miserable so I sent a brief “I Quit” email and turned off my phone.
That was the best decision I could have made for my career. My boss reached out to me later, we met at a coffee shop to discuss my grievances, and she offered me a $5/hour raise to come back with the promise that my direct supervisor would never be my supervisor again. She said it’s too hard to find good employees right now and she couldn’t afford to lose me.
There are too many places desperately hiring at higher wages for us to tolerate mistreatment. This is the most power the workforce has had in years and we need to leverage it while we can.
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2022.01.22 21:25 Prettylittlesomeday Milk pasturizer?

I just bought a little homestead in Ontario and will be getting milk sheep( or maybe a couple mini Jersey's).
I know about raw milk, but I'm a fan of pasturizing the stuff we drink. How the bleeb do I do that without breaking the bank or standing over the stove for forever? The milk pasturizers I've looked at are well over 1000$!!
Show me the way great and knowledgeable homesteaders!
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2022.01.22 21:25 HentaiExpo The Watcher- Vegeta & SSJ Vegeta by Ochmock (Mintable)

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2022.01.22 21:25 SoccerMonke_y The person next to you is who you have to spend a year with in a jail cell, who is it?

Also one little detail, you have a gun……
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2022.01.22 21:25 Rudolph13 [Artwork] Harley Quinn by Laura Braga

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2022.01.22 21:25 BananaMama93 Bluey tattoo night in our house. Can’t wait for the new season to be released in the US!

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2022.01.22 21:25 JellyfishMambo Canvasback (Austin, Texas)

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2022.01.22 21:25 Objective-Slip-2669 i feel bad for blocking people who spam like me but i heard that is harmful for my page

i got spam liked yesterday and my next video got shadow banned meaning it did not show up on the FYP at all? has this happened to anyone else. I put please dont spam the likes but people still just spam me with likes without watching the video
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2022.01.22 21:25 After-Amphibian5924 My boyfriend hid a secret from me, and I found out he kept a vital information for 3 years. I don't know what to do.

I was overthinking the odds if ever my bf tries to propose, so I opened with him a conversation about past arguments on our relationship. My goal is to be ready if ever he pops the question. But the convo got deeper and out of nowhere, he confessed about making out with a girl on the night of his business trip.
Flashback 2018, I saw this girl trying to talk to my bf through fb, and kinda freaked out who she was. Turns out he met her on a business trip, which he said "only harmless flirtation" happened. I was too naive and trusted his words of what happened that night, so I let it slide.
Returning today, I found out that there was more than a simple exchange of flirty gestures. As he have claimed, they were drunk and the girl went into his room, then snuggled up with him. He cuddled her too and touched her intimate areas. The girl went on top of him but he's too drunk to get an erection (is this even possible?) which prevented the get the action from going further. He said he fell asleep after, 100% sure that no sex happened, and felt pretty terrible for his actions.
I'm trying my best to realign what happened after our 2018 problem, he said he was too afraid of what I would do, so he ommitted this vital info from his previous confession. Only his bestfriend knows about what truly happened.
I know I should be dumping his ass, and cheating would always be cheating regardless of the reasons. He's aware of that and feeling really sorry about it. I told him I was honestly hurt, especially knowing it only after 3 years. But looking back on the succeeding years of the incident, I did saw his genuine effort to stay faithful.
But still...I'm having this great ping-pong in my head about what should be my mindset. Is this God's sign to escape the relationship, or is it God's plan to teach me forgiveness? Please enlighten me.
TL/DR; After 3 years, my bf confessed he did made out with a girl he didn't know while on a business trip. He said he hid it because afraid it would make things worse (I used to know that they only flirted)
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2022.01.22 21:25 Tsunamix0147 Flag of a Neo-Nazi/National Socialist/Fascist Dominica (If Operation Red Dog Succeeded)

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2022.01.22 21:25 SWIMMlNG [Balentien] Today I wanna announce to all my fans in Japan that Im retiring from japanis baseball wanna thank the swallows for the opportunity to play in Japan an make that opportunity a great baseball career an one of the greatest home run hitter in the japanis baseball hr king forever

[Balentien] Today I wanna announce to all my fans in Japan that Im retiring from japanis baseball wanna thank the swallows for the opportunity to play in Japan an make that opportunity a great baseball career an one of the greatest home run hitter in the japanis baseball hr king forever submitted by SWIMMlNG to baseball [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 21:25 Mr_Smithsonian Icon Help

Need help with installing custom icons. When I go into my Dead by Daylight folder, all of the icons are gone. I was told this is because they don't store them in their anymore, so I re-downloaded them through the toolbox, but it just creates a separate folder called DeadbyDaylight that doesn't actually do anything.
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2022.01.22 21:25 jerrymatcat How did music man get into the pizzaplex since hes most likely outdated

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2022.01.22 21:25 Effective_Pension119 Isn’t Raphael Just Tensuras Siri but She knows everything

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2022.01.22 21:25 quarter-in Cassava ($SAVA) is heading for the moon after FDA dismisses the ill-regarded Citizen’s Petition

Cassava ($SAVA) is heading for the moon after FDA dismisses the ill-regarded Citizen’s Petition First off, thanks to u/Internal_Ad_1091 for bringing my attention to this stock.
I am not yet a physician like u/Internal_Ad_1091, but I am a soon-to-be double doctor (MD/PhD student) giving my two cents on this stock.
Recap: Cassava sciences was attacked by Dr. David Bredt who filed a citizen’s petition to the FDA claiming that Cassava had committed fraudulent science, therefore requiring that it halt all trials. That is why the stock is down from its high of ~$140. Yes, there is also Dr. Geoffrey Pitt who filed the claim with him, but he is not really important here.
What is important to know is that there are so many possible conflict of interest tied to Dr. David Bredt that we need to know about and WHY HE WANTS TO SEE CASSAVA FAIL. I am planning on submitting a tip to the SEC that can hopefully lead to a formal investigation on Dr. Bredt.

  1. He previously worked as Vice President of Integrative biology at Eli Lilly from 2004 to 2011. And Eli Lilly currently is seeking expedited approval for its own Alzheimer’s therapy called donanemab that is directly competing with Cassava. Donaemab is not looking too good right now because it acts similarly to Biogen’s approved Aduhelm which causes brain hemorrhages in 40% of patients. Look, Dr. Bredt did his PhD under Dr. Synder, a world famous Neuroscientist. And it is very likely that his work at Eli Lilly pertained to the development of drugs revolving around his expertise - the brain. Given that a drug development cycle lasts decades and the phase 1 trial of the drug started in May of 2013, it is VERY LIKELY that Dr. Bredt was at Eli Lilly (2004-2011) when the development of donanemab came about. And it is VERY LIKELY he led the majority of that development as the VP. Though the incentive structure varies by company, it is also VERY LIKELY that Dr. Bredt wins big when donanemab wins big.

  1. Dr. Bredt is now working at a private equity firm called MPM capital which recently announced that it was funding Protego, a startup developing a therapy that TARGETS PROTEIN MISFOLDING to treat Alzheimer’s disease. This is in direct competition with Cassava’s Simufilam which tries to TARGET FILAMIN A PROTEIN MISFOLDING. Dr. Bredt said in his interview with The New Yorker that after reading Cassava’s papers, he thought that Cassava was “making statements that were incompatible with biology and with pharmacology.” HELLO? The company you advise poured at least $10mil into Protego that literally tries to replicate Cassava. And the timing is also very convenient. MPM Capital invested in Protego in July 2021 and Dr. Bredt submitted the Citizen's petition a month later. The only angle I see: Dr. Bredt is actively trying to slow down Cassava to buy more time for Eli Lilly, MPM Capital, and Protego. And his integrity and impartiality are compromised due to the conflict of interest from his previous and current employment.

  1. Another suspicious note about Dr. Bredt is that he NO LONGER HOLDS SHORT POSITIONS ON SAVA. Wait, hold up. I thought he firmly believed Cassava conducted fraudulent science that deserved to be stopped? If he was so confident that the FDA is going to halt the trials, thus leading to the downfall of Cassava, why is he out? Does he know that the FDA is going to dismiss his weak allegations which will decimate his short positions? I don’t know, but it’s not looking too good for Dr. Bredt.

From The New Yorker Article (

Speaking of weak allegations, let’s look at what Dr. Bredt claims in his citizen’s petition to the FDA. I won’t go too much in depth here, but let’s see how his claims stack up.

  1. Biomarker Data:
Dr. Bredt insinuates that Cassava forged the biomarker data by re-doing the bioassay themselves which was initially outsourced to an external lab. The external lab found the bioassay to show no therapeautic implications. Although this article does well explaining it, I will quickly recap: The external lab that Cassava outsourced to had no experience working with this protocol, thus giving weird data for patient AND control bioassays. What this means is that the external lab seriously messed up somewhere in the procedure and yielded false data. This was honestly a bad decision on Cassava’s end for not making sure the external lab had the right expertise to conduct this study, but this doesn’t mean Cassava forged the data.
Dr. Bredt also claims that figure 4 in a POSTER presentation is missing ONE patient data. Look, in academic research, poster presentations are considered a trial-run to see people’s reactions before going ahead and publishing a paper. It’s not a high stake ordeal. Case in point - I did a poster presentation at a conference as a sophomore in college. Instead the peer review paper you publish IS the real deal. When you analyze hundreds of clinical data, it is likely that you make a small error making those graphs. And especially for a low stake game like a poster? Very likely. Not including ONE patient data out of hundreds is not going to convince the FDA to stop trials.
2) Integrity of Western blots
Don’t really have to explain a lot here. Dr. Bredt claimed data manipulation of western blot data from three papers.

  1. 2005 Neuroscience Journal paper (Dr. Bredt’s claim DEBUNKED by ethics committee at Neuroscience.)
  2. 2012 The Journal of Neuroscience paper (Also DEBUNKED by the journal)
  3. 2008 PLoS ONE journal - also most likely going to get debunked based on the outlandish claims of the previous two

3) Use of dead Human Brain tissue
Dr. Bredt does make good points about using dead brain tissue and attacks it. Yes, using a dead human brain is not the best method to use, but in a world where we cannot cut open living human skulls, this is the best option we’ve got to see the therapeautic workings in a human model. Also, the study that Dr. Bredt attacks is not a foundation study to Cassava Sciences. It is only there to check off boxes to show the FDA that they did an ex vivo (outside the living body) study to show efficacy of their treatment.

I seriously doubt the FDA not dismissing this citizen's petition and the stock will bounce back to its normal level ~$150 when they dismiss the allegations. So for those doubting SAVA and thinking about selling the stock, I urge you to hold.

TL;DR: Dr. Bredt has numerous conflict of interest where he benefits from the demise of Cassava Sciences. Dr. Bredt's claims on SAVA does not stack up very well and the stocks will bounce when FDA dismisses the case in February.
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