venez mp pour sextalk 😏

2022.01.22 19:55 Fox-Total venez mp pour sextalk 😏

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2022.01.22 19:55 Yuki_the_pineapple Michael with the mlg glasses

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2022.01.22 19:55 mike_montauk Is it correct to ground the pad of a QFN48 using vias like this? I am getting an overlap error in Eagle.

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2022.01.22 19:55 AdventurousChapter27 Ahuevo

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2022.01.22 19:55 Eastern-Dragonfly544 I always feel like a guys ‘second choice’

For context: I’m 24F.
All my life I’ve known guys find my friends more attractive than me, or at least pay them more attention in social situations. I’ve struggled massively with self esteem issues and this has always contributed.
A group of guys me and my one friend came close with last year started to hang out with us, invite us on nights out etc. We eventually stopped hanging out with them late last year though, when one of them dated my friend but essentially just led her on. But somehow they’ve managed to remain friends/in contact.
Every so often the group of guys message us both in a group chat asking us to come round, or if we are out tonight. It seems more directed to my friend tbh. We never follow through on these messages, but my friend always replies and jokes around with them, even though she often says she doesn’t think very highly of them, and one of them led her on.
I often don’t respond purely for fear that I’ll just be the joke of the group chat, as my history with bullying/self esteem has made me fear being the second-rate girl, to my friends. Even in the chat tonight, one of them (not the one who dated her) made a comment @ing my friend directly saying she looked really good the other night when we bumped into them. I was there too, but it felt purposeful that they left me out of that comment.
I just feel stupid and like I don’t compare to my friends. I guess it also makes me a bit annoyed my friend is even giving them the time of day, but maybe it’s having that attention from them that I don’t have, so therefore see no point speaking to them.
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2022.01.22 19:55 YouTasteForeign85 Sharing my ALCs. Enjoy.

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2022.01.22 19:55 marshfield00 The Wiggles - 'Elephant' (Tame Impala cover) [Indie / Kids Rock]

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2022.01.22 19:55 Kyurem-B Title

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2022.01.22 19:55 Chicagoliving1995 My baby when he was a baby💙

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2022.01.22 19:55 Kx_salty The longest I’ve ever taken on 1 quest without breaks

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2022.01.22 19:55 Willing-Clock-8884 TWERKING CHICA 19 AÑOS INSTAGRAM!!

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2022.01.22 19:55 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 19:55 Anygirlx Did anyone else go to a Mennonite daycare in the highlands (I think it was on Woodbourne)?

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2022.01.22 19:55 Ok_Evidence3414 Working as a caregiver be like 😂 Who can relate?? #itstartsontiktok #caregiverlife

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2022.01.22 19:55 MonstroPega Who would make the perfect Belle?

I'm trying to make a Disney Princess-themed Island.
View Poll
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2022.01.22 19:55 Critti105 32[M4F] Ontario/Anywhere.Lonely bearded dude looking for people for stuff and things. Not necessarily in that order. Feeling well enough to paint some Necrons. Weeeee.

Eyyo! -> Dat's me! (Enjoy my stupid look. Hahahaha) 5'6, Blue eyes, dark hair, funny looking face. I can send a pic on request.
Gamer. 3D Printing enthusiast. Youtube watcher because there isn't much else to do currently. Started getting in to Warhammer 40k. Must paint. So much to paint.
I listen to music, but I am not a huge music person. I can't hold a conversation about it and chances are that I haven't heard about such and such band. Sports are the same I'm afraid. Not a sports guy.
I'd like to talk to folks who are generally on the nerdy side of things, or don't care. I'd really like to make this a lengthy thing, I'd really like some long term friends. Maybe get flirty and lead to something more? I'll leave that up to you. For the record -I AM STRAIGHT- (Please stop trying to turn convos a certain way guys. I'm not in to men).
Chat buddies, gamer pals or more, see where things go. Leave it completely up to you. Say hi! (Please send a photo of yourself so I know you're not a dinosaur trying to eat me.)
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2022.01.22 19:55 AJJRL Watch "Servant Decoded Season 3 Burning Questions" on YouTube

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2022.01.22 19:55 JoshuaThe24 As much as you might hate Saw 3D this trailer was amazing

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2022.01.22 19:55 bebopduff Are crossbows legacies now. Been seeing ppl post that they are?

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2022.01.22 19:55 luficerisdepressed small rant about zodiac

i feel like zodiac had loads of wasted potential on the zodiac theme part. the level could have been 12 different sections each themed to a zodiac. like, for pisces it could have been an underwater coral reef, for scorpio an airy desert, for aries a volcano, etc.
anyone else feel like this, or am i just nitpicky? im not denying zodiac is a good level and one of the best top 1s of all time, i just think so much more could have been done with the level.
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2022.01.22 19:55 NichtVivianVeganer Why though?

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2022.01.22 19:55 edtechguy1 Visitors to are now sending 1 email per minute to congress, let's make it 2 per minute and fill up their voicemails. Please click this link and then "Tap here" at the top to send the automated email to politicians so we can start holding landlords accountable

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2022.01.22 19:55 ALKRA-47 A Good Conversation Gone Bad

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2022.01.22 19:55 sunspook2003 could you guys see doom hop on this beat? tbh idk

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2022.01.22 19:55 topotaul Chief whip denies claims he told MP she was 'sacked as a minister because of her Muslim faith'

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