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Icaros x Sharxx 115 shipped. Whole seedling with roots 8+” with roots

2022.01.22 19:59 Thigh-so-sirius Icaros x Sharxx 115 shipped. Whole seedling with roots 8+” with roots

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2022.01.22 19:59 rstmaz1 Hope you all enjoy! Chill everybody

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2022.01.22 19:59 SnooDingos1201 I have a (UK) doctor's appointment coming up soon, how do I talk to them without feeling belittled or have them actually listen to me/hear me out?

Hi everyone, I'm not looking for medical advice, I'm more looking for advice on how to speak to the doctor.
This is now my third time going to the doctor and every time I go I'm just given simple pain meds that don't help (I don't wish to take meds, I'd rather try to fix my problem in other ways if possible).
I've told them that some days I can't even get out of bed because I'm in pain, I'm just told to take pills. It doesn't help.
Without going into too much detail I have pains in my neck/back and also other problems that prevent me form doing "normal" everyday activity that someone my age should be able to do.
I've already typed of a list of all my struggles whether they relate or not to my neck/back problems - every detail helps right???
TLDR; how did you get your doctor to actually listen to you? How did you get treatment? What did you request? Types of doctors/advice that you asked for that got results?
Thank you
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2022.01.22 19:59 Interesting_Put2023 💲726 TIP 🤑🤑🤑

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2022.01.22 19:59 HillyPoya Largish grey bird, Carara, Costa Rica

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2022.01.22 19:59 Jatalocks Praying for time is more effective than buying it

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2022.01.22 19:59 smallanimals123 ok but does your snoo actually look like you

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2022.01.22 19:59 RvBVic Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Peachy Smash!!! with Viewers & Subscribers! ...

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2022.01.22 19:59 EnderTron360 Rupert Grint as Doctor Who

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2022.01.22 19:59 black-volcano My my, that is a new twist

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2022.01.22 19:59 premiumaccs4sale YOU need latest 2020 papers and markschemes? OCR AQA Edexcel or even CIE? GCSE or A Level? Dm me or insta: s_ihsan

NOW! and get what you need right away. trusted. fast. cheap. You need me, trust me.
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2022.01.22 19:59 joshperugini81 #CleanGlassMafia

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2022.01.22 19:59 hackvisits Excecution list bugged

I have just downloaded the game and checked my excecution list on ghost, saw therelike 4 different excecutions code names( i didnt buy any bundles with them). I cant select them and if i click on them, game lags and sends me to play screen. What is it?
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2022.01.22 19:59 wuanlai65 Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

CENTAURIFY in a nutshell:
Imagine if TicketMaster was built on a blockchain, with NFTs representing tickets. 100% traceable, impossible to counterfeit, and programmable re-sale conditions that protect both the consumers and the event host.

Centaurify - Tokenizing tickets with NFT & smart contract technology. Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe. With fiat on ramps as well as a music NFT marketplace!

We allow organizers to mint their own NFT-tickets, setting their rules of the smart-contract tokenomics to reward themselves, their artists & their audience on every transaction on the secondary market.

- We allow organizers to set maximum re-sale price to prevent scalping.
- Organizers will secure their audience by using Centurify. NFT-tickets are 100% traceable and are impossible to counterfeit.
- Artists gets fixed 2% automated reflection on every NFT-Ticket transaction from Centaurify.

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x3abd582AD2221787A5653Bfef2d0A410771a3A39
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3abd582AD2221787A5653Bfef2d0A410771a3A39

☘️ CLMD (14 platinum awarded DJ) a part of the core team
☘️ Team based in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia
☘️ Listed at MEXC and CMC today

✨ Website: https://centaurify.xyz/
✨ Telegram: https://t.me/CentaurifyChat
✨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentaurifyBSC
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2022.01.22 19:59 AnyConstant3031 Pickleball Courts, any know where there are pickleball courts with lights

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2022.01.22 19:59 kiiashi17 I highly doubt anyone here can help me but why not?

So heads up this is going to be a book. My ex husband and I separated in February of 2017. We have 3 children together, all of which live with me. From February of 2017 to October of 2017, we split the cost of everything 50% for them so most of that year, we both provided for them. We agreed that he would be allowed to claim one child and I would claim the other 2 for that tax year. After October of 2017, he moved out of the state and has not paid anything since. No child support, no cost splitting, nothing. I’ve been the sole provider for them since. They don’t even get so much as a phone call from him since moving. He has been illegally claiming that same child the last 3 years now (including this year). So fast forward to May of 2021, I finally get him to agree to sign divorce papers. Which means I now have legal documentation stating that he does not get to claim any of them on his taxes. Fast forward to this month, he claimed that child again. I have an appointment set up Monday with an attorney because I want to sue. He also agreed to pay $392/month with the divorce settlement and I haven’t seen a penny of that either. (As I stated divorce papers were signed in may of 2021 and were officially finalized on July 29, 2021). I feel like I could easily get him for this year no problem but what are the chances a judge will have any interest in the last 3 years if all I’m able to get is the last 2 years of written proof because that’s how long said child has been in school (unless it’s possible to include preschool/headstart). Any advice anyone can potentially give?
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2022.01.22 19:59 Bluetheshark Ectospasm getting a new difficulty in 1.5

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2022.01.22 19:58 Gaaru77 Ich han zuh vil Kolistarin sagt mejn Docktohr

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2022.01.22 19:58 Jazzlike-Scarcity-12 In a dream world, what is the appropriate punishment for the Sackler family for creating and sustaining the opioid epidemic?

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2022.01.22 19:58 CHEEZYCUMPICKLES me and my vampire werewolf pack running through woods, when archers try and kill us (I howl) awooooo as I turn into electric dragon king and zap all the hunters to death!! THATS WHAT I THOUGHT GRRR GRRR YOU ALL DIE HAHAHAHA

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2022.01.22 19:58 tysebcas Meme

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2022.01.22 19:58 adangel21 Facebook query

If I defriend a person on Facebook and I’ve uploaded pictures and tagged them in it… when I stop being friends will my pictures that I’ve tagged them in still appear on their profile? Let’s say we become friends again after a couple of months… will those tagged photos reappear on the persons profile? Thanks
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2022.01.22 19:58 toptoyouyoutube Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows - The Washington Post

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2022.01.22 19:58 dimundsareforever VocAlign… just wow

I have been doing a lot more vocal work in my productions, so I recently decided to throw down to get VocAlign Ultra. I’m blown away. I may be very light to the show, but I just can’t rave enough about this plug-in; I was double tracking all my vocals and aligning by hand, and I was doubtful that the software would be able to do as good of a job. Well, I was wrong. Wow.
Anyone else have this experience, or have any tips if you have been using VocAlign for a while?
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2022.01.22 19:58 Angelt_1994 Help identifying the brand or style? Saw one at homegoods and wanted to use as a pouf type foot rest.

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