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I have now bought 3 separate versions of Hollow Knight

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2022.01.22 20:11 MrSpideyBoy I have now bought 3 separate versions of Hollow Knight

Am I obsessed with this game? I have over 50 hours across both PC(10+) and Switch(40+) in the span of 2 months and have yet to beat the game even after all of this time (104% on Switch). But just last week I ended up buying the physical edition for the switch on a whim cause I love having physical copies of things especially when it comes to video games. The only time I have ever done anything like this is for Minecraft of all things but even there I had accumulated about 6 copies over the course of around 10 years. I've only really known about this game for just TWO months and have 3, count THREE, copies of it now. Is there something wrong with me or am I not the only one here?
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2022.01.22 20:11 BattleFox200 Silco Champion Concept - Support Enchanter

Even if Riot told us that Silco would never make his way into the rift, besides Tft, i still think he could be a really nice champion in the game with lot of cool interactions and popularity due to Arcane. I'm gonna try to design a kit that would fit to his personality and not as overloaded as Akshan with some originals concepts. Don't feel shy to criticize things that are not well in it or even to correct my english mistakes (not native from an english country).
I'm not gonna write down some Lore because he actually has it in Arcane. I think i also don't have to describe him since everyone here may know how he looks.

Role: Support
Type: Enchanter
Distance: Hybrid, but ranged gameplay
AA range: Melee (dagger)

Damage: 1 / 3
Resistance: 1 / 3
Mobility: 2 / 3
Crowd Control: 2 / 3
Utility: 3 / 3

Abilities :
Passive: Shimmer Stock
When Silco hits an ally or an ennemy with his Q, Flask of Shimmer, he gains a Shimmer stack, up to 6 simultaneously. His others abilities have bonus effects based on the number of Shimmer Stacks you have. Also, when he gains a Shimmer Stack, Silco grants himself a little but cumulative boost of Movement Speed for 2.5s.
Appearence: You can see the number of Shimmer stacks Silco curently has with a counter similar to jhin's 4th shot under his Hp bar. Also, when you have the 6 maximum stacks, the border of your screen illuminates in purple for 0.5s to inform you.
Purpose : The main goal of this passive is to make some interaction between Silco's Q and others abilities. The move speed also helps him to reposition in fights and escape bad situations because he is really squishy.

Q spell: Flask of Shimmer
Silco throws the content of a Shimmer Flask in front of him, slightly damaging every enemy unit and healing his allies a little bit. If Silco has 6 Shimmer Stacks, the Shimmer thrown goes further away and heals a bit more. After the first time an ally is healed, the healing granted to the others is reduced by 50%.
Appearence: A sort of purple liquid throwed away in a line. The shape and the speed could be similar as Kayle's AA post lvl 16 (in arc), but not as wide.
Cooldown: 2.4/2.2/2.0/1.8/1.6s
Mana cost: 35/40/45/50/55
Purpose: I wanted to make a special way of healing: firstly, you have to aim the Shimmer due to the fact that it is a skillshot and not a point and click heal like every other heals in league. Secondly, it has a really low cooldown, forcing you to spam it to be efficient. Also the Shimmer can heals multiple peoples and hit multiple targets to stack multiples stacks of Shimmer. This is the main tool of Silco.

W spell: Chemtech Grenade
Silco consumes all his Shimmer Stacks to throw a Chemtech Grenade in a nearby area. When it hits the ground, the grenade explode, dealing magical damages and applying a slow increased with the number of Shimmer Stacks consumed. At the maximum of Shimmer Stacks consumed, the grenade immobilizes the enemies instead of just slowing them.
Appearence: The grenade's AoE is similar to lux's E, but just a little bit smaller, it also goes at a relatively high speed and is not too hard to hit. It makes a green explosion with some purple particles that multiplies with the number of Stacks consumed.
Cooldown: 13|12|11|10|9s
Mana Cost: 80
Purpose: His cc ability. Really strong to force fights ealy on. Also permit you to align your Q spell with your ally and the 2 slowed/immobilized enemies.

E spell: Foul Play
Silco consumes all his Shimmer stacks before striking with his dagger all units in front of him, inflincting physical damages increasing with the amout of stack consumed. At the maximum of Shimmer Stacks consumed, the strike also inflict 100% more damages on shielded ennemies. Just after striking, Silco also perform a little dash in the opposite direction of the dagger's strike.
Appearence: The dagger strike is like pyke's non charged Q, fast, but not really wide. The dash would not be really long, maybe being a little bit longer than Gwen's E, and Silco would just dash backwards with no special visual effects. Just a smooth hit and just after a small backward dash.
Cooldown: 13|12|11|10|9s
Mana Cost: 30
Purpose: This is the only way for Silco to deal real damages. His W can hit a bit hard, but that's all. With this ability, he is able to conter all the different shields that can be applied from others enchanters, or items like Sterak. It can be really usefull to escape ganks with the little dash, or even to approach enemies by striking in the oposite direction of them (like caitlyn's E).

Ultimate: Shimmer Addiction
Silco violently stabs in the back an ally with a syringue, injecting all of his Shimmer Stacks in him. The Ally gains after 0.5s a buff of adaptive force and movement speed that increase with the number of consumed stacks. At the maximum of consumed stacks, the targeted ally also gains an augmentation of the healing he receives froms Silco's Q, Shimmer Flask.
Appearence: The animation of Silco stabbing his own ally is really recognizable. The buffed ally would have some purple particles going out of him a bit like Mundo's ultimate. The skin of the ally would also be covered with strange purple skin. He could also says some funny voice lines when stabbing like "now do something you idiot !" or "shut up and take my Shimmer !".
Cooldown: 70/65/60s
Mana Cost: 120
Purpose: Silco's ultimate is not the strongest part of his kit. But it still a good buff that can make your adc pop off in fights. The fact that you have to be very close to your ally makes this ultimate risky to use in fights.


Silco is a team fight specialized champion: he wants to hit as many champions (ally or not) as he can with his Q to heal the more he can and stack Shimmer from his passive faster. When he has 6 Shimmer Stacks, you then have the choice between four options:
• Continue to heal more with your empowered Q (mostly used when your other reinforced abilities are useless in the situation and that you want to keep your Shimmer stacks for later)
• Immobilize potential threats for your carry with his W
• Destroy a problematic shield or burst a threat with his E
• Buff one of your carries for the rest of the fight with his R
I think his gameplay will alternate between healing and kiting with his Q's skillshots, and then using one of his reinforced abilities when getting 6 Shimmer Stacks. In fight, he would be zoomin' around his allies, distributing some Shimmers and doing some weird purple effects that carry his teammates. And that's pretty much all of him !
He would be a real late game healepeeler who could carry his team if played correctly (i also believe he would have the highest skillfloor and skillcap of the current enchanters). And they could finally be a "Dark" and male enchanter (except for Ivern but who plays ivern i mean ?)

Thanks for reading, this took me a looong time to translate properly (pls feel free to correct me if i've done some english mistakes) and design.
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2022.01.22 20:11 Wolfen020775 Fire

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2022.01.22 20:11 estix36 Stanford biophysics

Has anyone heard from Stanford biophysics yet? I feel like I’ve seen most of the other biosciences programs sending interviews on grad cafe. I know it’s a smaller program but it also seems like they send out rejections for those programs and I haven’t gotten that either. I’m just taking it as silent reject at this point.
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2022.01.22 20:11 threemu I lost a map of Key West's notable trees

Sometime in the 90's my family picked up an illustrated map of notable trees around Key West, probably from a hotel brochure stand or a museum or something. We thought it was the coolest, but we lost it a few years back. It doesn't show up in Google as far as I can tell -- it would have been made before the internet was big. Does anyone remember a map like that, or have any clues on how I could track it down?
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2022.01.22 20:11 Spunky4life What are the legal ramifications for using fake cash at a strip club?

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2022.01.22 20:11 sburgess86 Neutralization of Omicron SARS-CoV-2 by 2 or 3 doses of BNT162b2 vaccine

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2022.01.22 20:11 FelopaterArch Figma or Adobe XD

Can someone help me with choosing which tool is better
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2022.01.22 20:11 Consistent-Fill-3012 I'm horny and need shit to jack off to Al's I send back

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2022.01.22 20:11 Sirlimps Someone saw HappyChimeNoises' videos

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2022.01.22 20:11 DependentReaction378 Adding shrimp goby pair plus pistol shrimp to a tank with a neon dottyback?

I’ve recently ordered a Randall’s goby pair plus a pistol shrimp, and they should be getting to me in around four days.
Should I be worried about the neon dottyback attacking them?
If so are there any ways to avoid this before adding them to the tank? I was wondering if keeping the neon in a 5 gallon bucket for maybe like 5 days to give the gobies time to settle in before adding him back.
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2022.01.22 20:11 SwainIsCadian Hey u/Backrish. Thanks for that.

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2022.01.22 20:11 NewsElfForEnterprise A history of Blue Bayou, Disneyland's most popular and perennially booked restaurant

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2022.01.22 20:11 LunetteVonL00n Happy *HONKIN* Self-Love Saturday! Why settle for a lesser vision when you are destined for greatness! Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip. Don't forget to smile this clown loves you! 😘💨❤️

Happy *HONKIN* Self-Love Saturday! Why settle for a lesser vision when you are destined for greatness! Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip. Don't forget to smile this clown loves you! 😘💨❤️ submitted by LunetteVonL00n to Coulrophilia [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:11 Librarian_Moarfistin My first PC build

Recently my gaming laptop experienced a CPU cooler failure, and since finding replacement part of good enough quality turned out to be quite a nightmarish experience, I decided to finally build myself a gaming PC (modular build and parts much easier to replace FTW). This is the first time I'm doing this, so I'm not sure if all of the parts chosen will work well together. Please help with optimization 🧐
parts list
There's no GPU there, because the prices right now are kinda ridiculous, but eventually I plan to buy RTX 3060 Ti, preferably this one. For now GTX 960 will have to be enough.
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2022.01.22 20:11 PM_ME_FOR_PET_PICS Found this beautiful display.

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2022.01.22 20:11 ITS-A-FAKE Adguard home and unbound

I did a full reinstall and decided to install adguard directly as a plugin alongside unbound. I have followed this tutorial: https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=22162.0
I have two issues: - I had to enable " Do not use the local DNS service as a nameserver for this system" inside of General Settings. If I don't OPNsense can't check for updates (timeout). - dhcp *.localdomain resolution isn't working (it does when I disable adguard home and change unbound port back to 53.
Does anyone have a working Adguard Home + Unbound install on OPNsense?
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2022.01.22 20:11 RealTime_Showman Is walking away with this team after TOTY a W or L?Haven’t open touched my 10 million worth of packs yet but is this possible.(Icons and Varane from SBCs/Sawps)

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2022.01.22 20:11 ittybittykangaroo i'll see some posts about finding random bags at parties or in the street, etc., so this is a reminder to PLEASE BUY DRUG TESTING KITS! you have no idea what it could be laced with and you can't be too careful nowadays. ♡ ♡ BE SAFE

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2022.01.22 20:11 NoMasterpiece6 Worries about joining a small FP&A team

Hi all, I've been interviewing over the past month, and I've been fortunate enough to have received an offer at a start-up as an FP&A Analyst. The thing is, though, that the team is very small (it would be just me and the VP of finance) and I heard that the training resources will be limited. The company itself is unsurprisingly small (<300), so I wanted to get people's thoughts if it would be better to wait for an opportunity to work with a larger team/company where I'd get the vanilla FP&A experience. My prior experience is only somewhat related to FP&A (economic research/forecasting/data analysis, gross margin/working capital impact modeling), so I'd really like to have a strong foundation. As a side note I've been using Wall Street Prep's course on FP&A, which has been mildly helpful with forecasting financial and operational metrics.
More generally, for someone who's just starting out in FP&A, is it a good idea to start at a mid-size/large company first before moving to a smaller company/start-up? My concerns with working at a start-up include (1) not having at least some systems and processes in place to better understand "what things should ideally look like" and (2) not having people I can reach out to easily if I need help (i.e. no one else/few people on the team I can reach out to).
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2022.01.22 20:11 debti1223 80.000€ Euro Schulden, Privat Insolvenz der letzte Ausweg?

kurz zu mir, ich bin 37 Jahre alt und habe leider über die letzten Jahre einen Schuldenberg in Höhe von 95.000Euro angehäuft. Der Großteil der Schulden ist durch eine fehlgeschlagene Selbstständigkeit entstanden, an der ich zu lange festgehalten habe und nicht wahrhaben wollte, dass es mich ruiniert. Der Rest ist dann durch hoch spekulative Investments drauf gegangen.

Die Schulden sind zum Großteil auf 3 Kredite aufgeteilt(Zinsen 5%, 7% und 11%),und knapp 10.000 in 2 Rahmenkrediten.
Zu meiner jetzigen Situation. Ich habe seit Jahren wieder einen regulären Job der mir derzeit knapp 2.500€ Netto einbringt. Ich zahle 500 Euro Warmmiete und ca. 1400 Euro an Kreditraten und habe somit 600€ zum leben. Ich konnte bereits knapp 15.000 Euro abzahlen. Da ich aber nicht mehr über 50% meines Einkommens in Kredite stecken möchte, habe ich unzählige male probiert per Umschuldung die Kredite zusammenzufassen. Jedes Mal ohne Erfolg. In den 2 Jahren seitdem ich den Job habe, gab es nicht eine Rückbuchung auf meinem Konto, jede Rate ist pünktlich bezahlt. Durch eine Umschuldung könnte ich bis zu 600 Euro im Monat sparen, aber egal bei welchem Vergleichsportal, bei welcher Bank oder Filialbank ich es probiert habe, immer sagt das System nein oder die Mitarbeiter sagen mir, dass das System Nein sagt. Ich kann es einfach nicht verstehen, da ich ja "beweise" dass ich seit 2 Jahren die 1400 sicher bezahle, aber 900 wird mir nicht zugetraut.
Ich würde liebend gerne einfach umschulden und dadurch allen meinen Verpflichtungen nachkommen, da ich bis jetzt sehr gegen eine Privatinsolvenz war, aber langsam bin ich mir nicht mehr so sicher.
Habt Ihr einen Tipp/übersehe ich etwas oder ist langsam die Privatinsolvenz der einzige Weg?
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2022.01.22 20:11 Ok-Car-5053 Guys please give me feedback on this <3

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2022.01.22 20:11 S3xyAl1c3 Send away <3

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2022.01.22 20:11 sburgess86 Metal cofactor stabilization by a partner protein is a widespread strategy employed for amidase activation

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2022.01.22 20:11 nacho5499 Can anybody help me find any info on these?

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