Playing SL is not as demanding as people make it seem

2022.01.22 20:58 qui-bong-trim Playing SL is not as demanding as people make it seem

Especially if your squad doesn't even have one if you didn't. Every two minutes just pull out your watch and place an op. call up your squad members if you need their talents. you also have the best weapon options, smoke and explosive grenades, and the ability to give yourself backup via ops and garrisons. It is the most fun and influential role in my mind and more people should give it a try. it's not like winning or losing a video game is that important in the grand scheme anyway so no need to be uptight. u/
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2022.01.22 20:58 sexytweetdesk 👙Sanjana sanghi 🌐

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2022.01.22 20:58 slimeplz This photo taken during the May 29th George Floyd protests in Atlanta.

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2022.01.22 20:58 REID-11 Canada intensifies

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2022.01.22 20:58 Garioshi Hirameki lost control of its forums because the only guy with admin privileges just left

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2022.01.22 20:58 TreN_CS What skills will benefit from unlocking Prifddinas?

What skills will benefit from unlocking Prifddinas? Hello all, so I've been looking into unlocking Prifdinnas now I have the required levels. I just need to complete the following quests:
  • Mournings End Part II
  • Within the Light
  • Catapult Construction
  • Making History
  • Plagues End (Of course)
Will the quests for Priff be worth it considering my stats? Thanks in advance <3
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2022.01.22 20:58 ThiccTomboys4Life Garou and Metal Bat acting as older brothers (art by Wuching)

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2022.01.22 20:58 bijoy3d The company I have insurance with is running an offer where you can get $10 gift card just for getting a quote. Of course it has to be through a my link. I was wondering if it's allowed to post here as it's an easy $10 for anyone who just gets a quote. There's no need to sign up.

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2022.01.22 20:58 Ben-Swole-O Once this older fan is excited… she purs like a kitten

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2022.01.22 20:58 fml_pro A̛̭ͧt͈̙͢e̡̖̯ F̷̑̎o̢̬r̛̯̋ D̼̞͡i̴̷̥s̅͜ͅl͒͡į͖ͨk̖ͦ́i̫͟͝n̛͇g̶̎́ M̼͎͗y̨̙ͫ D̺̃͟ä́ͥ͜d̶̡́?

A̛̭ͧt͈̙͢e̡̖̯ F̷̑̎o̢̬r̛̯̋ D̼̞͡i̴̷̥s̅͜ͅl͒͡į͖ͨk̖ͦ́i̫͟͝n̛͇g̶̎́ M̼͎͗y̨̙ͫ D̺̃͟ä́ͥ͜d̶̡́? submitted by fml_pro to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:58 Bright-Cost-1855 If y’all haven’t seen df new video go check it out

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2022.01.22 20:58 cswimc Arris TM3402a Modem Repair

Quick summary and question: I figured this might be the place to ask -
What might be the best fix for a modem that has a problem after a power cycle. The only fix that worked was using a heat gun and warming the PCB, then allowing it to cool. After it reached room temperature, plugging it back in and jostling the coaxial cable around a bit, everything booted up and connected. Prior to that, I only had a power LED indicator that lit up.
Detailed background info: I have an Arris TM3402a cable modem. It lives in the furnace room across from my furnace and garage. It's been cold lately and today I got alerts from iDrac on my dell servers that the ambient temperature exceeded the temperature range configured in the system alerts. The systems reported that the temperature was 42°F dipping below 45°F minimum threshold.
In my setup, I have a Wattbox device for remote power management that is configured to power cycle my modem and switches when internet connectivity is detected as being offline. Well, during the alerts about low temperatures, the internet went offline and the Wattbox kicked in and power cycled the modem. Unfortunately, it didn't come back online, so physical intervention was necessary. After basic troubleshooting, working with my ISP tech I confirmed that the problem was my modem.
The Temporary Solution: I figured I'd take the case off the modem to inspect for burn marks or anything that might let me know why the modem stopped working. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything. I opted to re-solder some of the larger devices on the board just in case there was a micro-crack or something. This didn't change anything.
The next thing I did, was take a heat gun and I warmed up the entire PCB for a minute. I figured because the room was cold, it might have caused a solder joint or a connection to crack or disconnect somehow. I also remembered way back in the day, a fix for the original XBox was to bake the PCB on low in an oven. I remember doing this with a friend as a kid and it worked, so I figured heating the PCB on the modem might work here. When I plugged it back in along with the coaxial cable it started booting! I thought it might be fixed so I pulled the power after it booted up and was starting to connect to the internet, put it back in its case, and powered it back on. When back in the case, it didn't boot again. I just got the power LED and no additional activity.
I tried again and just pulled off the side panel, heated the PCB on low with the heat gun for about 10 minutes, and then let it cool off again. I plugged it back in, only had a power LED, but then fidgeting with the coax and cat6 cables, it started booting again. I popped the side panel back on and left it be.
My question reiterated: Now I am back online, but I am wondering what a better fix would be. I suspect that if the device is rebooted, it probably won't reconnect to the internet. Should I just buy a replacement or should I tinker around more with the modem.
Thanks for any advice!
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2022.01.22 20:58 VeryCoolnt Sautaide Onions 🤤

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2022.01.22 20:58 itscycle The Siren and The Child

The 1650s was one of the most active time frames of piracy. Everywhere you looked there were brigs and ships of all sizes, attempting to make a infamous life filled with riches, women, and all the alcohol they could drink. However, there were also many dangers lurking beneath the waters, and there were also many creatures that roamed during this time as well. Sea Serpents, Krakens, and many more, however, none were as feared as the dreaded mermaids. It is said that their songs could lure even the strongest of men to their deaths, yet their kiss provides men with the chance to live amongst the species if they were pure enough.These mermaids appear human, but can change their forms at will, revealing much more than a woman with a tail, and mainly consume men for food, rather than keep them.
Many are warned if they are to venture into the ocean, to stay away from a section called “Gornstock Pass”, where multiple of these creatures reside, waiting for ships to pass by for a possible meal. Many have lost their lives in the area, with many more to follow if they do not heed their warnings. This was the case for a orphan, a child who had been forced away to live with his other family. However, he’d soon be in for the adventure oh his life, as the ship was heading towards Gornstock Pass.
If you’re reading this, welcome! This is something new I’m trying, a mixture of fantasy with adventure. I’d prefer to have someone play a mermaid who would take the boy for her own, but I don’t mind a pirate or other being that fits the plot! I’ll be playing the child, as well as male characters whenever needed. Just as a heads up, I do tend to write a bit darker than most, and so I’d prefer a partner who doesn’t mind that.
Also, some rules: -I would like someone who can do 6-8 Lines, with a minimum of 3. -Someone who is somewhat literate. -Someone who doesn’t use text talk
Now, for the character I will be playing:
Name: Octavius Vanderbilt Age: 8 Race: Human Likes: Nature, animals, the ocean Dislikes: Pitch black spaces, very small spaces, rude people, his parents Personality: Outgoing, Impulsive, Easily Manipulated Bio: Born in the late 1640s, Octavius was born into a life next to the ocean. His father was a fisherman whilst his mother was usually off doing something in the ocean. They’d neglect him quite frequently, leaving him on shore for most days whilst they went to do what they could. Octavius always loved to be by the beach however, as it provided him with comfort when he felt lonely. He was also kind to any wildlife in the area and in the sea, which paid off with regular visits from the animals. However, with funds dwindling, and options low, they sent Octavius away to work for someone near Rome, and told him they’d meet him over there. However, they never will, as he was heading towards the most dangerous section of the world.
Description: Slim, athletic, with silver hair and purple eyes, and porcelain white skin (due to genetic mutations in his body)
Starter: Octavius had been placed into a small crate by one of the crew mates thanks to his parents giving a gold coin to the man. As the captain steered the ship into the direction of the pass, many began to cause an uproar to the captain, stating the dangers. However, the captain was too concerned about greed than the safety of his crew, and so continued forward.
After a little bit of entering the Pass, Octavius opened the crate hearing an extended silence from the crew. All except for the singing of a woman, which was hypnotizing in itself to the young boy as it reminded him of a lullaby. Hearing the words to the song “My Jolly Sailor Bold”, the boy carefully crept his way around the lower decks, seeing that everyone was gone. As he carefully made his way above deck, Octavius noticed pieces of clothing scatter amongst the deck, but no sign of the crew that wore them.
As he explored the upper deck, Octavius noticed the volume of the woman’s singing had increased, causing him to raise an eyebrow in curiosity. He carefully walked over to the starboard side of the ship and carefully leaned his head forward—his light grey hair flowing in the sea breeze as he looked down towards the ocean for the source of the voice. As Octavius looked down, he had noticed a few objects floating in the water, and raised the question: where was everyone?
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2022.01.22 20:58 BirdLawApprentice Who do you yell at the most?

TBJ’s brain farts always got me shaking my head but Vooch makes me audibly frustrated! His lack of energy and refusing to play in the paint even though that’s where he has most skill. I get the advantage of a stretch 5 but this is absolutely nullified when he’s only making 3s in garbage time and/or against garbage teams. When he’s not hitting 3s, he turns into a zombie. And besides, what good is a stretch 5 when all of our slashers and basket attackers are out! At least get some high percentage shots in the paint and establish a couple “go to” spots/moves because in the playoffs Debo can’t be the only one. This next stretch of games has to be him basically practicing to elevate his game!
Thanks for my soapbox, I’m just so pissed about Caruso’s injury by that Ted Cruz looking mofo.
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2022.01.22 20:58 gearsfan1549 [Xbox 360] [mid 2000's] shooter with odst like pods, and everyones a super soldier

trying to remember a less than popular shooter game from the 360 days, only really remember a training area that had a lot of different vehicles and systems to teach, the main gimick being everyone spawns by airdropping themselves like odst troopers. i THINK it was 3rd person but a lot of the details are fuzzy. name was similar to "district 9" but not the game about the movie with the same name
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2022.01.22 20:58 materlauncher4u2c Had everything and lost everything.

I'm (34m) and I seemed to have lost everything. House car job motivation etc. I put my trust into the wrong people and they turned against me for no given reason. My ex (35f) blindsided me by turning cold and broke us up for no given reason. She was cheating and moved him in as soon as she could. Now I am at an all time low and getting back on my feet have been more than difficult. I'm from NE Ohio and trying to get going again but keep getting knocked back and back again. I need help
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2022.01.22 20:58 Listige Blu Chz - One of a Kind

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2022.01.22 20:58 sorceror_supreme99 Long hair don’t care M23

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2022.01.22 20:58 SpinShootScore THE GAMES!

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2022.01.22 20:58 jakethesnakeisback16 Ryse: Son of Rome Intel HD 4600 (Low End PC)

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2022.01.22 20:58 Nin10doFanYT My Top 10 Favorite Mario Party 8 minigames

  1. Specter Inspector
  2. Loco Motives
  3. Breakneck Building
  4. Punch-a-Bunch
  5. Ion the Prize
  6. Alpine Assault
  7. Snipe for the Picking
  8. Mario Matrix
  9. Thrash ‘n’ Crash
  10. Cardiators
  11. Paint Misbehavin’
  12. Speedy Graffiti
  13. Saucer Swarm
  14. Cosmic Slalom
  15. Sick and Twisted
  16. Grabby Gridiron
  17. King of the Thrill
  18. Rotation Station
  19. Mosh Pit Playroom
  20. Boo-ting Gallery
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2022.01.22 20:58 mpmoore69 OPNsense throughput

Gents and Ladies,
Curious if anyone has had throughput issues on an Opnsense when traffic requires to go from one vlan to another.
I am on a Protectli unit. Running iPerf tets with devices within the same VLAN i can achieve 940Mbps. Once I need to cross vlans thats when I see a reduction in throughput, now we're at 400Mbps.
The topology is simple, I got my Firewall connected to a managed switch. The switch is a TL-SG108E. Im not sure if the throughput drop is on the firewall or on the switch but my guess would be the switch only because iPerf tests between hosts in the same VLAN is good. Crossing vlans is not good.
What muddies the water a bit is that I have read that OPNsense does have a bottleneck when crossing vlans but that doesn't seem to be the case here as far as my Protectli unit is concerned its just passing through one port to another with no concept of vlans.
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2022.01.22 20:58 Adamsaidpoes Unable to initiate web server or run wget

I'm looking for some help with an issue i'm having. I've been busy with the pre-security path (i'm a newbie) and I'm unable to start a web server with "python3 -m http.server". After I ssh into the tryhackme machine, the moment I try running the command, I get the response "Serving HTTP on port 8000 ( ..." After this response, nothing. From what I understand, I should be getting an additional response before I can move onto the next task which is using wget to download a file to show the flag for the next question. the moment I run the wget command I also get another error telling me that the connection is refused. This specific issue can be found on the Linux fundamentals part3 task4 " General/Useful Utilities "

Please help!
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2022.01.22 20:58 Listige Witbill Universe - infected

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